Babb Family History

Listed below is what I believe to be my direct line (Thomas Babb 1570 to Roger Babb 1946). As I expand the website, each name will become a link and connect to that person's family members. If you have any info to be added, please email to with the title Babb Family Info. The links that are not yet established fact are marked with ? between the names.


Thomas Babb, St. Dunstan, England, 1570 ?? (I have pictures of St. Dunstan Church, near London)

Captain Thomas Babb, St. Dunstan, England, 1608 (The Phillip Babb of Maine was his nephew)

William Babb, St. Dunstan, England, 1629 (ancestor could be a brother to William)
Unknown, Nanesmond, VA, 1655 ??
James Babb, Nanesmond, VA, 1685 ?? This James sold land in Nansemond in 1733 and is almost certainly the father of the James who moved to Wake, NC
Alernative #1 widow Mary Babb of Isle of Wight who made her will in 1754, probably she married a brother of James (father of Christopher)
We know that our William moved to Wake, NC with the James/Christopher family but we do not know if James was the father or uncle of William.

Alternative #2 James Babb, father of Christopher (William would be brother of Christopher)
William Babb, Sr., Nansemond or Wake County, NC, 1740 (DNA has established that this branch of the family shares a close common ancestor with Christopher)

William Babb, Jr., Wake County, NC, 1768 (war of 1812 )

Joel Heard Babb, Wake County, NC, 1809

Francis Marion Babb, Whitfield County, GA, 1839 (civil war)

William Marion Babb, Whitfield County, GA, 1864

William Walter Babb, Whitfield County, GA, 1900

Herchel Marion Babb Whitfield County, GA, 1924 (ww2)

Roger Allen Babb, Whitfield County, GA, 1946